dachau and a message to the future we

Historical site of the concentration camp of Dachau. Guided tour. Entrance door.

Today, the Memorial of the KZ Dachau is a place for unconventional tourists and brave women and men who dedicate their lives to dig deep in the roots of that monstrosity with the purpose to understand how such holocaust of mankind can come to happen. And they leave us with one final message: “From the memory of the dead for the warning of the living”

The Concentration Camp of Dachau was not only the first Nazi camp to be built but also became the learning centre where the network of hundreds of camps of misery and death of Europe in the WW2 was architected.

Historical site of the concentration camp of Dachau. Sculpture "The unknown prisoner" by Fritz Koelle.
©hugo ormo 2019 | Fujifilm X-E3 + XF35mmF2

Thoughts after visiting the Memorial KZ Dachau

We live times of loud voices and bold stances. Times where the narcissist and the idiot find fertile ground to make themselves comfortable and every body around uncomfortable. These are times where those who see less and comprehend still less, strive with simplistic attitudes and weltanschauung.

Wars and catastrophic events bring in their aftermath the best of humankind together to mend those horrors. As soon as peace and order are reestablished, generations spawn that take goodness for granted and fall in a vicious circle of complacency. The sense of community slowly erodes. Fences are built. Mistrust falls over the people like thin dust in expanding waves. We begin to close into ourselves in reaction to this environment. We fall to the vices of becoming “we” against “them”. Dialogue will dry out to give way to words thrown as arrows, avoided or parried.

We become, day by day, a more fragile version of ourselves. More fearful. We see more threats. We become immersed in a slow but penetrating process of destruction of the “I, social” in spite of the “I, lone wolf”. Every time one abusive driver is on the road doing his shenanigans, everyone nearby raises a notch in their pool of discomfort. Every time a neighbor abuses shared space, everyone else looses a portion of their tolerance and willingness to cohabiting. Every time… small aggressions that stack and split us apart, not only apart from the aggressors but also apart from everybody around us; we are bathed in the dust of mistrust. One particle at a time.

May 24, 2018.

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