Orange and Blue at the U-Bahnhof at Westfriedhof

Westfriedhof long exposition U-Bahn departing station, platform is emptying. Orange and yellow ceiling hanging lamps from Ingo Maurer

The U-Bahnhof in Westfriedhof is a feast of complementary colors. Orange and yellow large dome-shaped hanging lamps by Ingo Maurer, blue casts off the walls and ceiling and the branded blue of the Munich U-Bahn. The access stairway sets a desaturated contrast that marks the entrance and enhances the transition to the vibrant underground.

The station is part of a modern and well designed connection hub of bus, tram and U-Bahn in the Westend of Munich. At the speed that the city is growing year-by-year, these infrastructures are very much needed. Visiting this one, offers a glimpse of how a well organised traffic system may look like. And how pleasurable to the eye and the soul moving around in public transportation can be.

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