the Fujinon XF56mmF1.2

Fujinon XF56mm F1.2

I like to use this fast short XF56mmF1.2 Teleobjective for portraits or if I am out especially for capturing details. The large apperture gives me the chance to isolate the objects even at distances of ten meters. This makes for a comfortable lens for both object-focused snapshots in street-photography or landscape and also for portraiture: Staying at a distance of the target, I can think more peripherically and better perceive the environment to compose more appealing and rich images.

I mostly use the lens with the lens hood, what makes it a not so unsconpicuous nose attached to the otherwise very unobtrusive Fujifilm X-E3. If I want to be unnoticed around, I will rather go for the XF35mmF2 or the XF18mmF2. The weight and the focal distance are also too much for my ability to hold the set stable enough at low light scenes, hence I like to carry a monopod if I know I am going to shoot low light scenes.

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