the Fujinon XF35mmF2

Fujinon XF35mm F2

This is the lens I mount by default in my camera. Since I made a habit of carrying the camera along with me everywhere, that means the XF35mmF2 and I spend a lot of time together. It is small and unnoticeable and yet very sharp. It is not as enjoyable as the XF56mmF1.2 when it comes to isolating details but still makes a great job. Because the likelyhood that I am shooting with this lens is quite high, I hapen to try all kind of stuff with it and usually I end up with some good usable pictures.

The lens hood is as unobtrusive as the lens itself, almost innexistent. The lens cap is small and very convenient. Maybe so small that you forget you carry it in your jeans’ pocket all along. All in all the XF35mmF2 is an all-rounder for me. Despite the size of the lens, the haptic of the aperture and focus rings feels very precise and solid. It is a pleasure just laying my hand over the lens and feel the touch of the cold sharp grooved rings.

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