Berlin and the Kreuzberg

The Berlin Ostbahnhof north of the former Berlin Wall sets a pivot point between the DDR time pre-fab concrete buildings on the north and the new developments along the Spree. Train eleveated lines and tunnels are all that common of Berlin.

The East Side Gallery with the large section of the Berlin Wall lies north of the Spree between the Schillingbrücke and the Oberbaumbrücke.

South of the Ostbanhof, the Kreuzberg sets a surreal world of graffiti. The graffiti becomes more prominent under the light of the late afternoon. Until night sets and the lights of the city show us a new landscape of light.

The monumental Berlin looks unusually raw as seen in a Saturday morning walk naked of people and tourists. The markets are not yet set, the streets are empty, breakfast places seem to wake up lazily to our demanding hunger. The sun raises and send us a few sunbeams behind the mostly overcast sky.

East of the Ostbahnhof the Berlin Ostkreuz sets the eastmost transport hub of the city. Dozens of little cafes and restaurants alite the “Neue Banhofstraße” as the sun sets.

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