soft light

some have a light of their own

no sunbeam

delicate and levied waiting for a sunbeam. Quiet, frozen and patient under the clouds of a Sunday of April.

Model illuminated under a red neon light

red Mai

“I saw the angel in the marble and carved until I set him free. ”


Night people

long nights. Awaiting.


possibly on the last warm day of the year the sun shines through the newly installed panes over the very patient and stubborn folks at the Glyptothek

Judith at the Munich Museums light show „Das Kunstareal verbindet“. Alte Pinakothek

colour me

in a swirl of colour, a blur of movement

Ines at Königsplatz at the Munich Museums light show

against the light

she comes and goes, the lights of the city behind, spare a thought, what is that light?

Ines at the alte noerdlicher Friedhof, Munich, photoshooting mid autumn at sunset

thougtful at the graveyard

in mid november one hour before sunset taking a walk by the alter noerdliche Friedhof in Munich