Street on the climb to the higher town side of Montañana, Aragón, Spain

hidden places and a past of “reconquista”

Not the place you would pass by, not even you would go there unless the sting of curiosity pulls you off the state road N230 and up the winding single line road to Montañana. Time stopped here, or you feel like being back from close orbiting a black hole for a few hours.

Central dome in the Romanesque church of Durro, Vall de Boí, Pyrenees, Spain

remote vall de boi and preserved past

It is 2098 and the UNESCO adds to the catalogue of cultural heritage the last nine public telephone cabins in a remote almost abandoned town north of Glasgow, Scotland. Especially two of them that are still kept in very good shape at the lobby of the town’s hotel. Hundreds of Chinese tourists line to make a call home from the one still functional.

It was the year 2000 when UNESCO catalogued the nine 11th and 12th century Romanesque churches in Vall de Boí. First brought to the attention of the world in the beginning of the 20th century, they remained Romanseque all those years in the remote valley of Boí. Unchanged because of the lack of regional wealth to turn them into a more modern Gothic version of themselves, after once the noble family of Erill, enriched after taking part on the “Reconquista”, commissioned them to the best Italian architects of the time.

Airplane wing with Finnair flagshield on a blue sky backdrop over the north sea

dreamlike days and sleepless nights

Rain season in the Osaka region. Planes, airports, trains, hotels, air conditioning and damp weather, food supplies out of a convenient store on arrival at 10:30PM, more food supplies in the late hour of the day. Days pass dreamlike and nights end well before sunrise in a long wait for the breakfast hour.

Night unfocused view of park beacons in Petuelpark, Munich, Germany

petuelpark and the eyes of the night

Park beacons in Petuelpark look at passbyers like cateyes in the night and build a mysthycal atmosphere just above the uninterrupted traffic of the Mittlererring in Munich.

Night unfocused view of park beacons in Petuelpark, Munich, Germany
©hugo ormo 2019 | Fujifilm X-E3 + XF35mm F2
Night unfocused view of park beacons in Petuelpark, Munich, Germany
©hugo ormo 2019 | Fujifilm X-E3 + XF35mm F2
Bypassers and their reflexions in a shopping street in Munich

glances and retruned glances

crossing glances with the reflexions on the displays at the shopping mile of Munich. The overcast sky bathed the streets with perfect diffused light.

5 daqs Bed in, experimental music by AUDIO TEST AREA

5 days and a bed-in

AUDIO TESTING AREA in a 5-Days-bed-in experimental music event. Merging the mixed atmosphere of the atelier, the public and friends, Andreas’ dog, the overcast daylight though the half closed shutters, the tungsten light of the lamps, and the reflections in the chromed plates of the guitars.

"Der Berg Ruft" Temporary exhibition about mountains at the Gasometer, Oberhausen, Germany

a decomissioned gas holder and a photography exhibition

Once a too-expensive-to-demolish gas holder in Oberhausen that later became an icon of industrial heritage sets an exceptional backdrop for a photography exhibition; the play with illuminated pictures in the darkness of the interior space of the has holder creates the ilusion that the pictures float in the room and the visitors recede away from the visual field in contours of shadow.

Red and white tulips in Keukenhof, Holland, The Netherlands

color and color and color

A day in Keukenhof is a day surrounded by thousands of visitors from al over the world. Call it the Instagram effect maybe. But a late evening in Keukenhof, even if only for one hour, is worth it. Every ten minutes the light changes, and will become quieter and quieter.

Photographed with film simulation PROVIA. No post-processing for color was made.

Beach Club in Noordwijk, Holland, The Netherlands

noordwijk and an evening at the beach

A sunset at the beach of Noordwijk in The Netherlands in the early spring makes for a photographic kitch evening backdrop. Dinner at the beach club makes for a fitting kitch day ending.