Pollution of the oceans exposition in Barcelona

remarks in the dark

what do discarded plastic bottles, whales, fish, birds and medusas have in common and why it is important to make a remark of that commonality.

Diorama with a special standpoint

a different diorama

in a Christmas exposition at the Monestir of Pedralbes in Barcelona you look at dioramas from a somehow unusual standpoint.

a stroll to Pedralbes

possibly the most sought after place to have a dwelling in Barcelona is crowned on its upper end by a cloister and even something close to silence is possible here.

heute Venedig

Zwei Männer um die 50 joggen am Sonntag um zehn Uhr durch die schmalen Straßen und über die Brücken Venedigs. Es gibt etwa vierhundert von ihnen, versehen mit Treppenstufen, die nur die halbe Höhe haben. Träger überqueren sie sanft mithilfe kleiner Zusatzrädchen an ihren Karren, die etwa einen halben Meter vor den Rädern montiert sind. Ware wird so durch die Stadt transportiert. Müll auch. Wer hier lebt, muss anders leben als jeder, der woanders lebt: Ein Auto braucht man nicht. Ein Großeinkauf geht nicht. Das Fahrradfahren ist verboten.

Piazza San Marco, Venice

dusk in the center of power of the world

now silent, they were busy halls, where the fate of the world was once decided. Where the defence of Constantinople was fatally delayed. Passages and narrow stairways designed the flow of people, whose fate was too here by the devices of justice decided and with a last sight were walked across the bridge to barred windows.

Chalk cliffs in Rügen

Rügen, Rügen

Es muss ein kleiner Fischerort mit Reetdach geschmückten Häuschen sein, aber es soll nicht nach Fisch riechen. Es soll einen Fischmarkt geben, wo es frischen Fisch zu kaufen gibt. Selbstverständlich soll es kein Fisch aus dem Westpazifik sein, sondern regional. Er soll Substanz haben. Doch nur die, die dem Ort die Substanz geben, sollten nicht da sein, maximal nur dekorativ.

*England, England (Julian Barnes, 1998)

Logistic stop at Solnhofen on the Altmühlradweg, Altmühltal, Germany

the river, the valley and the cycling path

the air is still cold and the sun already cozily warm for a ride down the Altmühl along the cycling path. A church made of bushes is still growing to completion in Pappenheim, the roofings still a bit thin, the tower naked yet.

Exodus, Sebastiao Salgado at the Kunstfoyer, Munich


Sebastião Salgado’s exhibit of misery and pain at the Kunstfoyer in Munich throw us the hopeless nature of humanity’s problem in the face, namely corrupt power and specifically corrupt government.

Olympiapark and Olympiadorf in a snowfall

Snowfall and Olympia

in the early hours of the day after a night’s snowfall and the traffic noise is muffed geometries and shapes look new and the tonal symmetry of the ground and the sky offer exceptional compositional settings.

Freyburg, upmost north laying old wine gardens in Germany

Freyburg and the northernmost wineries

leaving aside superlatives, Freyburg offers an out-of-the-crowd visit to a septentrional wine region with surprising views and very enjoyable wines. Free horses and flower gardens settled in disused old East-Germany-Era army training grounds. Following the river Unstrut to the south you find Naumburg (Saale), old light railways and a surprisingly large cathedral.