Judith at the Munich Museums light show „Das Kunstareal verbindet“. Alte Pinakothek

colour me

in a swirl of colour, a blur of movement

Ines at the alte noerdlicher Friedhof, Munich, photoshooting mid autumn at sunset

thougtful at the graveyard

in mid november one hour before sunset taking a walk by the alter noerdliche Friedhof in Munich

Daiana photoshooting hard light late summer afternoon natural light


Alvi Photo-shooting Summer


a photo-shooting in the city

Katharina highkey photoshooting


Photoshooting portraits of Stephanie at Neni, Munich

Stephanie and the afternoon light at Neni

A portrait session with Stephanie and the afternoon harsh natural light on a midsummer day through the east side windowpanes at Neni. The sun comes high and harsh abobe the old facade of the Haupbahnhof München, cutting sharp shadows on her face and lighting her calm clear blue eyes. The mediterranean-israeli-style furniture and colors make up the background.

Photowalk in the golden hour in summer at the garden. Munich

the golden hour and a walk in the garden

in the late Sunday afternoon after a hot day the air is damp and full of life. Going out for a photographic walk in the garden in the golden hour can offer chances for some good pictures.