Winter equinox dimmed light at Felchowsee, Uckermarkt.

winter equinox at Felchowsee

the low lying sun and the humidity of the nearby Oder river create unusual light conditions at an around the winter equinox at Felchowsee, deep in the Uckermarkt north east of Berlin.

Freyburg, upmost north laying old wine gardens in Germany

Freyburg and the northernmost wineries

leaving aside superlatives, Freyburg offers an out-of-the-crowd visit to a septentrional wine region with surprising views and very enjoyable wines. Free horses and flower gardens settled in disused old East-Germany-Era army training grounds. Following the river Unstrut to the south you find Naumburg (Saale), old light railways and a surprisingly large cathedral.

Fujinon XF16mm F1.4 Lens

the Fujinon XF 16mm F1.4

this lens is a qualitative leap from the XF18mmF2 but at the cost of weight and size. The lens is specially sharper in the edges and the shorter 2mm focal distance opens up new compositional possibilities. I like to take it in photographic sorties inspired after something that I visualised before. I mount the lens and come back to the spot for experimenting: Like at the Maximiliansforum or at the banks of the Isar

Not being so large or heavy that impedes casual use, I would still prefer the smaller and lighter pancake XF18mmF2 for a hike or a ride. This lens is indeed a joy on a purposeful walk in the city or in the mountains like at Oberammergau, yet nothing stops me from taking it for a demanding winter hike at the Bayrischer Wald

Ines at the alte noerdlicher Friedhof, Munich, photoshooting mid autumn at sunset

thougtful at the graveyard

in mid november one hour before sunset taking a walk by the alter noerdliche Friedhof in Munich

Daiana photoshooting hard light late summer afternoon natural light


Alvi Photo-shooting Summer


a photo-shooting in the city

grey morning over the park

the park and the bruises

not unharmed wakes up the park on Sunday morning, his bruises exposed by the morning grey light under a clouded sky.

Summer, sun, friends, and game of Hub at the Feldmochingersee. Clustering the marks to ease the topping

the lake and a game of Kubb

Sunday on a mid July afternoon at the lake, friends, a game of Kubb, laughter, competitiveness, teasing, focusing on the marks, joy, excitement. Winners and losers dining all together at sunset.