Freyburg, upmost north laying old wine gardens in Germany

Freyburg and the northernmost wineries

leaving aside superlatives, Freyburg offers an out-of-the-crowd visit to a septentrional wine region with surprising views and very enjoyable wines. Free horses and flower gardens settled in disused old East-Germany-Era army training grounds. Following the river Unstrut to the south you find Naumburg (Saale), old light railways and a surprisingly large cathedral.

Red and white tulips in Keukenhof, Holland, The Netherlands

color and color and color

A day in Keukenhof is a day surrounded by thousands of visitors from al over the world. Call it the Instagram effect maybe. But a late evening in Keukenhof, even if only for one hour, is worth it. Every ten minutes the light changes, and will become quieter and quieter.

Photographed with film simulation PROVIA. No post-processing for color was made.