Red and white tulips in Keukenhof, Holland, The Netherlands

color and color and color

A day in Keukenhof is a day surrounded by thousands of visitors from al over the world. Call it the Instagram effect maybe. But a late evening in Keukenhof, even if only for one hour, is worth it. Every ten minutes the light changes, and will become quieter and quieter.

Photographed with film simulation PROVIA. No post-processing for color was made.

Beach sand and dunes in Noordwijk, Holland, The Netherlands

sand, beach and dunes

sand, beach and dunes in Noordwijk in The Netherlands on an early spring morning greet us with diffused low intensity light and desaturated colors.

Beach Club in Noordwijk, Holland, The Netherlands

noordwijk and an evening at the beach

A sunset at the beach of Noordwijk in The Netherlands in the early spring makes for a photographic kitch evening backdrop. Dinner at the beach club makes for a fitting kitch day ending.

Discovering holland when the tulips blossom on an orange rental bicycle. Stop over for a piece of cake.

oranje tulips and oranje rides

there could possibly be no better way to discover holland when the tulips blossom than on a bicycle ride around Noordwijkerhout in The Netherlands. And if the bicycle is orange all the better!