Martin Heindel Ricochet Exhibition at Villa Stuck, Munich

the colours and the cave of light

grab a blanket, push the curtain aside, enter into the darkness of a cave of light and color, lay anywhere, listen, see, think, sleep.

Dust the paraffin off your clothes if you forgot laying on the blanket

Audio Testing Area and Michael Galeza duo conceptual music in studio

Audio Testing Area and Michael Galeza duo

Audio Testing Area Andreas of the 5 days bed in and Michael Galeza play an experimental duo music session. Andreas in the guitar and the sampler and Michael in the drums.

Detail ceiling mosaic, Palau de la Musica Barcelona

musica and modernist barcelona

Built in the begining of the 20th Century in the very particular modernist style of the time, the Palau de la Musica in Barcelona brings the visitor back in time.

Details, light and mood could as well be the backdrop of a Steampunk painting