Olympiapark and Olympiadorf in a snowfall

Snowfall and Olympia

in the early hours of the day after a night’s snowfall and the traffic noise is muffed geometries and shapes look new and the tonal symmetry of the ground and the sky offer exceptional compositional settings.

grey morning over the park

the park and the bruises

not unharmed wakes up the park on Sunday morning, his bruises exposed by the morning grey light under a clouded sky.

Olympiapark, Munich, cherry trees blossom under the snow

corona and the Olympiapark

The park becomes the only reasonable escape from home and the corona lockdown. Empty and cold in the winter mornings of March and April before the warmer hours of the noon bring the sun-seeking denizens. The sun in its lowest angle is barely able to saturate the colours of tree, leave, flower and stone.

70's architecture views are offered to the slow paced visitor and curious observer in the Olympiadorf

Olympiadorf above and Olympiadorf under

The Olympiadorf Munich was built for the Olympic games of 1972 as a city development experiment under the idea of a 300 hectare automobile-free “city-in-the-city”. After the games, the development was integrated into Munich. Nowadays about 6000 people live in this city quarter.

Despite maintenance and renovation works, the Olympiadorf offers a bubble view of the architecture and city visions of the early 70’s. It is an invitation to a slow paced visit of discovery and a feast of photographic composition.

There is an underground side to the Olympiadorf too. Hundred access points connect the upper world of pedestrians and bicyles with the under world of automobiles and parking lots. In these connexion points between the two worlds the more interesting views remain hidden to most casual visitors. Strong light contrasts combined with the cold hues of concrete and the almost 50 years of weathering make an interesting mix.

Desaturated colors are a trait that reflects a continuity between the two worlds above and below. Especially during an overcasted day or with thin sheets of clouds the blue cast on the highlights gives the place a special atmosphere.

Memorial to the victims of the terrorist attack of the 1972 Olympic Games, Olympiapark, Munich, Germany

memory of terrorism and olympiapark

Twelve persons killed by terrorism have their names engraved in a granite stone T-shaped memorial under one of the steel cables holding the canopies of the Olympiastadion. In the beloved and ever busy with joggers Olympiapark of Munich.

Opened in September 2017, the Erinnerungsort Olympia-Attentat stands at direct eyesight of the Olympiadorf, where the hostage in 1972 was started. Towards the opposite side you almost can see the memorial stone.