Exodus, Sebastiao Salgado at the Kunstfoyer, Munich


Sebastião Salgado’s exhibit of misery and pain at the Kunstfoyer in Munich throw us the hopeless nature of humanity’s problem in the face, namely corrupt power and specifically corrupt government.

Exposition's poster with photograph of Saul Leiter outside the building

saul leiter and following oneself

This is the message that keeps ringing in my ears after viewing the filmed interview to Saul Leiter at his photography exhibition at the Versicherungskammer Kunstfoyer in Munich.

“A window covered with rain drops interests me more than a picture of a famous person”

Saul Leiter

This is the message from a man who followed his ideas despite whatever opinions would be thrown a him. A person who does not know if he is a pioneer in photography or not, and actually does not care whatsoever. One who tell stories with a camera in stead of with philosophy, and thus is the visitor welcomed into the exposition.

Respected photographers of his time, downplayed the role of color photography. The true photographer told herself appart from the casual tourist by the use of the traditional black and white film.

Saul Leiter is said to buy outdated color film at a cheaper price. Therefore his photographs showed a flat colour reproduction that together with his choice of teleobjective and the use of reflexions and several juxtaposed scenes rendered his particular collage or painterly style of photography.

…and after that surge of inspiration, how could one not be tempted to follow Saul’s steps. Also ultimately his stance in life.

Two young ladies take photographs of themselves perched over a beam at the Hackerbrücke bridge. In the background the sunset blue sky sets them as dark profiles.

hackerbrücke and the last hour of sunday

Young folks enjoy the sunset on Sunday hanging around and about the foundry bridge structure of the Hackerbrücke in Munich. The arch bridge is one of the last remains of the 19th Century and went through a partial reconstruction after the WW2

"Der Berg Ruft" Temporary exhibition about mountains at the Gasometer, Oberhausen, Germany

a decomissioned gas holder and a photography exhibition

Once a too-expensive-to-demolish gas holder in Oberhausen that later became an icon of industrial heritage sets an exceptional backdrop for a photography exhibition; the play with illuminated pictures in the darkness of the interior space of the has holder creates the ilusion that the pictures float in the room and the visitors recede away from the visual field in contours of shadow.