Cloister of the Cathedral of Roda de Isabena

the bishop’s seat and a past of “reconquista”

Build atop a rock the Cathedral of the X century and the town of Roda de Isabena are full of hints of the past struggles between Spaniards and Muslims. The Crypt could not be carved into the rock and stands exceptionally level to the floor of the hall opposite to the throne of the bishop and the stalls. An unusual view.

Street on the climb to the higher town side of Montañana, Aragón, Spain

hidden places and a past of “reconquista”

Not the place you would pass by, not even you would go there unless the sting of curiosity pulls you off the state road N230 and up the winding single line road to Montañana. Time stopped here, or you feel like being back from close orbiting a black hole for a few hours.