the quiet power of the Isar

People walk or jog under the first warming sun of the coming spring possibly unaware that under the quietness of the little park on the banks of the Isar river on her pass through the center of Munich, the Maxwerk hydraulic power plant, housed in a baroque style building and of late embellished with street-art, generates 0,4MW power, enough to provide for 100 households in Munich.

Watzmann seen from the north east across Berchtesgaden

Berchtesgaden and the Watzmann

the Watzmann smiles to us with missing teeth from his high stand over Berchtesgaden like an unworried playful teenager. As we gain altitude on our way to the Kneifelspitze the day warms up and ever new hues of blue and mist from the Königsee tint his surroundings contrasting with the yellow and orange forests on the foreground.

Berchtesgaden once under protection of the Pope, later siding with Bavaria or Salzburg, whoever was less pressing, stands in this crossroads between the two later and gate of the Königsee to the south. The Roßfeld-Panoramastraße climbs 1000m above the valley and brings us to a close vantage point to the near peak of the Großer Archenkopf.

Photowalk in the golden hour in summer at the garden. Munich

the golden hour and a walk in the garden

in the late Sunday afternoon after a hot day the air is damp and full of life. Going out for a photographic walk in the garden in the golden hour can offer chances for some good pictures.

Two young ladies take photographs of themselves perched over a beam at the Hackerbrücke bridge. In the background the sunset blue sky sets them as dark profiles.

hackerbrücke and the last hour of sunday

Young folks enjoy the sunset on Sunday hanging around and about the foundry bridge structure of the Hackerbrücke in Munich. The arch bridge is one of the last remains of the 19th Century and went through a partial reconstruction after the WW2