the Fujinon XF18mmF2

Fujinon XF18mm F2

The XF18mmF2 is my prefered choice when I am out for a hike or in buildings or museums. It is extremly light and fast and the equivalent 27mm focal distance is playful enough to capture some dramatic views of the lanscape. Not only gives good sport in far views but in close shots can be surprisingly fun. I can get extremly close to the focused objects and with that large aperture define a very precise, and sometimes painful, depth of field. I only would wish I had a tiltable screen and many a picture that cames “slightly” out of field would have been awesome!

The lens is extremly flat and even with the wide-angle wobled lens hood it makes for a very lightweight and handy set. With its short focal distance it is also suitable for street-photography and especially in low light conditions where the depth of field could render most snapshots out of focus if taken with a bigger focal length lens.

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