Night people

long nights. Awaiting.

the blue twilight and a blinding party

In a mood for photographing I leave the exhibition of Toni Schneiders: Retrospective at the Kunstfoyer in the twilight for the tram and on my way home. Not two stations down the line a party of brightly lit shop displays around the Max–Joseph–Platz catch my attention and pull me out of the tram. They blind the squinted eye and the sensor.

north entrance to the Paul-Heyse tunnel with street name plate.

Paul-Heyse tunnel and infamous infrastructure

some works of infrastructure happen to become social spaces of gathering like the Hackerbrücke and others become infamous places to run away from like the Paul-Heyse tunnel under the main train station in Munich.

Both works of infrastructure satisfy very well a practical need, and a comparison is from the very beginning unfair: We perceive bridges as beautiful works rather more often than we do about tunnels. But there are reasons why anyone would try to pass through this tunnel the swiftest the better: It is terribly noisy, dark, dirty, the tiled walls crumble, mucky water drops from the ceiling in several spots, way too narrow for bicyclists and pedestrians to use the sideways safely.

Yet, it is a landmark of Munich. Not one that you would like to show to any tourist, but one that tells a story. After all some stories are made of the words that aren’t said.

Westfriedhof long exposition U-Bahn departing station, platform is emptying. Orange and yellow ceiling hanging lamps from Ingo Maurer

Orange and Blue at the U-Bahnhof at Westfriedhof

The U-Bahnhof in Westfriedhof is a feast of complementary colors. Orange and yellow large dome-shaped hanging lamps by Ingo Maurer, blue casts off the walls and ceiling and the branded blue of the Munich U-Bahn. The access stairway sets a desaturated contrast that marks the entrance and enhances the transition to the vibrant underground.

The station is part of a modern and well designed connection hub of bus, tram and U-Bahn in the Westend of Munich. At the speed that the city is growing year-by-year, these infrastructures are very much needed. Visiting this one, offers a glimpse of how a well organised traffic system may look like. And how pleasurable to the eye and the soul moving around in public transportation can be.

Disregarded and abandoned Piaggio Vespa in the streets of Munich, Germany. The legacy of the outstanding ingenuity of the Italian engineers of the 20th century.

piagio vespa cult

In the post-war years of Europe a wonder of mobility, later converted to a cult item, the Piaggio Vespa is one more exponent of the legacy of the outstanding Italian engineers of the 20th century.

Two young ladies take photographs of themselves perched over a beam at the Hackerbrücke bridge. In the background the sunset blue sky sets them as dark profiles.

hackerbrücke and the last hour of sunday

Young folks enjoy the sunset on Sunday hanging around and about the foundry bridge structure of the Hackerbrücke in Munich. The arch bridge is one of the last remains of the 19th Century and went through a partial reconstruction after the WW2

Airplane wing with Finnair flagshield on a blue sky backdrop over the north sea

dreamlike days and sleepless nights

Rain season in the Osaka region. Planes, airports, trains, hotels, air conditioning and damp weather, food supplies out of a convenient store on arrival at 10:30PM, more food supplies in the late hour of the day. Days pass dreamlike and nights end well before sunrise in a long wait for the breakfast hour.

Night unfocused view of park beacons in Petuelpark, Munich, Germany

petuelpark and the eyes of the night

Park beacons in Petuelpark look at passbyers like cateyes in the night and build a mysthycal atmosphere just above the uninterrupted traffic of the Mittlererring in Munich.

Night unfocused view of park beacons in Petuelpark, Munich, Germany
©hugo ormo 2019 | Fujifilm X-E3 + XF35mm F2
Night unfocused view of park beacons in Petuelpark, Munich, Germany
©hugo ormo 2019 | Fujifilm X-E3 + XF35mm F2
Bypassers and their reflexions in a shopping street in Munich

glances and retruned glances

crossing glances with the reflexions on the displays at the shopping mile of Munich. The overcast sky bathed the streets with perfect diffused light.

Former office building of a transportation company named Rhenania before an urban development transformation will turn her into an embalmed memory of the industrial past

rhenania and the hues of old

Former office building of a transportation company before an urban development transformation will turn her into an embalmed memory of the industrial past.

The last days of a photographic feast of subdued hues of old off the old Rhenania building that soon will become a renovated hallmark of the new Werksviertel in Munich.