soft light

some have a light of their own

no sunbeam

delicate and levied waiting for a sunbeam. Quiet, frozen and patient under the clouds of a Sunday of April.

white light in Sylt

the dust and sea spray envelopes the coastline after the last wind calm days turning the beach into a white backdrop.

Sylt, along the old railroad

now turned into a bicycle road the old railroad winds up its way from north to south at Sylt and invites to ride it all in a day. Many take the chance; be it in a swift road bike, touring along or laid back paddling on a powered one.

from Westerland towards the north along the west coast

the further north and the more advanced the afternoon is, the less people you meet, until this show of nature plays for you alone. Add calm winds and a warming early spring sun on top of that and you know the gods are smiling at you.

Allerdings überlege ich die ganze Zeit, warum die Kekse einer Prinzenrolle, eingetunkt in Milch, hier im Norden langsamer weich werden. Liegt das am Luftdruck? An einer Kuhdiät? Oder ist die Konsistenz der Prinzenrolle eine Konstante des Universums, so wie die Geschwindigkeit des Lichtes?

Sylt and a day at the beach

at Sylt at the ebb of tourists in the middle of March. Despite the warming sun of noon, the wind chills and staying outdoors too long cools you to the bone.

List auf Sylt and Ellenbogen

If the wind doesn’t blow too hard, it can be an easy ride from List to the north-end of Sylt, where the two lighthouses broadcast their spots. Otherwise the predominant west winds can make it a long and chilly way back.

Sylt, dunes and a wooden plank path

leaving behind a settlement of reet thatched roof houses a wooden plank path leads west and north to the dunes now bathed in sunset light. The wind blows intently, you see far.

Graswangtal again

a valley, springs, streams merging into the Ammer and snow tipped ranges. If the world has to end in a swirl of war, I’ll make here my ending.

Putin Launches His Invasion of Ukraine

The New Yorker, Feb 22

a stroll to Pedralbes

possibly the most sought after place to have a dwelling in Barcelona is crowned on its upper end by a cloister and even something close to silence is possible here.