Bypassers going about their business in the Maffeistrasse, Munich, Germany

steps and raindrops

“Eine Tretmühle, die die Welt mit Füßen trat, Menschen in der Großstadt wurden erst richtig eigenartig, wenn man nur ihre Füße filmte, das Räderwerk einer gesichtlosen Fabrik, die nie Stillstand, von der jedoch niemand wußte, was sie produzierte.”

Cees Noteboom, ALLERSEELEN (translated by Helga van Beuningen)
Fashionable lady going about her business in the Odeonsplatz, Munich, Germany

sit and look

Street-photography in Odeonsplatz in Munich. Bypassers busy with their thoughts parade in front of the camera on a Saturday morning. People on their way to do some shopping or to meet a friend, a business partner, a lover.

city night lights and day markets in taipei

Taipei City at night vibrates with its young population and offers a mix of all. From the beloved classy japanesse quarter in Zhongshan to the Zhongshan Park around the 101 Tower, or the electronic market off Zhongxiao in between.

©hugo ormo 2018 | Fujifilm XE-3 + XF18mm F2

Wandering off the main roads in Banqiao will probably send you into the street market in Fuzhong. A place so full of color and scents that you may want to turn the visor of your camera to a rather less distractive black-and-white mode.

©hugo ormo 2018 | Fujifilm XE-3 + XF18mm F2